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Divorce Mediation in Central Florida


Mediation is a commonly used form of alternative dispute resolution. While it is used in all types of disputes, it can be especially useful in family law cases. Mediation offers divorcing couples a method through which they can reach a voluntary and mutually agreeable settlement. This can be extremely valuable because it is desirable, whenever possible, to preserve an amicable relationship between former spouses. Of course, there is also a lot on the line during a divorce mediation. The process needs to be taken seriously and you should never go through it on your own. If you are going through mediation for your Florida divorce, please contact an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer today.

Florida Divorce Law: Mediation is Often Required

As a policy matter, the state of Florida has a strong preference in favor of family law disputes being resolved by mutual agreement. As such, Florida law requires that divorcing spouses attempt at least one round of mediation before using other legal tools such as a trial. However, this is not true in every case. When special circumstances arise, Florida judges have the power to waive the mediation requirement. For example, if domestic violence has been alleged by one of the parties, mediation will usually not be required.

Four Advantages of Mediation

  1. It Can Save You Money

An effective use of the mediation process can save many divorcing couples time and money. On average, mediation costs much less than does going through a trial. Divorce is stressful enough, and keeping the costs down can help to ease some of that burden.

  1. Confidentiality

Mediation is also a fully confidential process. There will never be a public record of what goes on behind those closed doors. Confidentiality is highly desirable. After all, divorce is fundamentally a private family issue.

  1. A Collaborative Process

In contrast to a trial, mediation puts the focus on finding a collaborative solution. While divorcing spouses do have some opposing interests, most also have areas where their interests are aligned. Mediation can help highlight the areas of mutual interest and help facilitate a beneficial divorce settlement. Ultimately, collaborative solutions are almost always best in family law cases. This is especially true if children are involved.

  1. Flexibility

Finally, mediation is also a flexible process. No two mediations are exactly alike. For example, if a divorcing couple is making progress on a particular issue, they will be able to keep working on that one issue. Alternatively, if a certain issue leads to hard feelings and heightened disagreement, the process can be altered. Ultimately, the process is fully in control of the parties. Further, an agreement does not have to be reached during mediation. Each party is empowered to walk away from the table at any time. Going through mediation does not eliminate your other legal options.

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At the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A., our team has extensive experience handling divorce mediations. We are dedicated to helping you find a collaborative and cost effective solution to your divorce. That being said, we are also ready to fight aggressively to protect your rights. To learn more about what our team can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact our Orlando office today.



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