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Orlando Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Drafting agreements under Florida Law

Marriage is a joyous event that brings families together and starts a couple on a new life. At the same time, marriage also creates a legal relationship with important ramifications should the relationship every dissolve through divorce, separation, or death. At the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee in Orlando, we negotiate, draft and review prenuptial agreements that enable couples to enter into marriage with security and peace of mind, knowing that they will be adequately protected and cared for in the event of any dissolution of the marriage. Contact our experienced Orlando prenuptial agreements attorney for more information.

A Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect Your Assets

A prenuptial or premarital agreement is a legal document with all the legal weight of any other contract enforceable by law. Through a prenuptial agreement, you can say in advance how any money, assets or other property, and even debt, will or won’t be distributed between the couple in the event of a divorce. Any alimony or spousal support payments can also be decided in advance. If these matters are not determined beforehand, they will be decided by a judge in divorce court, and you could find yourself giving up a great deal of the wealth you have worked to accumulate over the years.

A Prenuptial Agreement Can Give You Peace of Mind

If you are the party with less substantial assets than your partner, or if you are forgoing education or a career in order to get married, you may be concerned that a divorce could leave you out in the cold without any means of support. A prenuptial agreement can be written to guarantee you a level of support that is adequate while being fair to both parties. By setting out any terms of support up-front, both parties can enter the marriage with peace of mind, knowing that property and support won’t become an issue in the event of divorce.

All couples can benefit from a premarital agreement, even if there is not a large disparity in assets between the parties. This is especially true if one or both spouses has been previously married and went through a bitter divorce. Some people may be reluctant to try marriage again; a prenuptial agreement can help ease their mind by banishing the thought that another ugly or costly legal battle is looming somewhere in their future.

Florida Prenuptial Agreement Law is Complex

Believe it or not, a prenuptial agreement is one of the most complex and complicated legal documents. Crafting a premarital agreement that does what you want it to and that will be upheld and enforced by the courts if it is ever needed is a delicate matter for skilled and experienced Orlando prenuptial agreement attorneys. Before you sign a prenuptial agreement, make sure it is prepared or thoroughly reviewed by a qualified Orlando divorce attorney with experience in prenuptial agreements. Contact the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. for assistance.

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