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Parents Experiencing Problems with Child Support System

Many parents are experiencing problems with the Florida state child support system. One mother has not received her child support payments in weeks. Jessy Valerio claimed that she has had problems with the system in the past, and the state paid her a penny. Now, it has been multiple weeks and the state has withheld her child support without answer.

Failure by the System

Checking with the other parent of her child, Ms. Valerio knows that a payment was made at the end of April and May but still has not received either payments. She also has not been able to contact anyone in the state to get an answer why. She receives child support in the amount of $682 per month and needs it to feed, clothe, and provide for her child. There are multiple reports online of parents across the state facing similar problems, and no response has been given by the state as to where the money is currently being held.

When reaching out to the state government for an answer to her child support problems, all that the state would say is that an “incident report” has been made. The Florida Department of Revenue has said that the state has 682,256 open cases for child support, 78% of the support has been collected, and that the time frame to resolve non-payment issues like Ms. Valerio’s is dependent on the individual case specifics.

State Withholding Support

Another man finally got his child support issues with the state resolved after years of problems. Dave Hernandez was paying child support to his wife, Michelle, for their four children. Sadly, Michelle died but the state continued to take child support from Mr. Hernandez. Even though the four children are now living with him, and months after he presented the state with a death certificate to her, the state continued to take child support with no explanation as to where the money goes.

“The answer that I would get from them was, ‘We’re going to continue taking the money out until the case is closed.’” The state was taking more than $800 per month from Mr. Hernandez that he needs to care for his children. The state responded and said that they acknowledge that they owe him around $3,000, but he says that the number is actually closer to $6,000. It was only until the media stepped in to help Mr. Hernandez that the state agreed to resolve his claims. Now, they claim that he will get a check by the end of the week.

A Family Law Attorney Can Help

Problems arising with the child support system are becoming all too common in Florida, and an experienced family law attorney is the best possible option to resolve them. At the office of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. we have been helping clients in the Orlando area with their family law needs and are here to give a free and private review of your case. Call or contact us today.

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