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Going Back to School with your Parenting Plan


If you finalized your divorce recently, you and your children have probably experienced a lot of “firsts” this year. As your children’s first summer vacation with a parenting plan draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead to the next big “first” they have coming up: their first new school year with a parenting plan.

If it Makes Sense to Modify your Parenting Plan, Do it Before School Starts

If you and your former spouse agree to a modification to your parenting plan, changing the plan is a fairly easy process. You still need a judge’s approval to ensure your proposed change is in your children’s best interest, but if you both agree to the change, you will not have to provide evidence to justify the change or have to face the stress of a contentious hearing.

It might make sense to adjust your child’s parenting plan for the new school year. Maybe it makes more sense for the children to spend all five weekdays with one parent because of their school schedule or to move the days they spend with each parent around their extracurricular schedules. If this is the case, do it now so your children do not have to adjust to a new parenting schedule and a new school year at once.

Communicate with your Former Spouse About your Child’s School Schedule and Academic Progress

Successful co-parenting is all about communication. Talk to your former spouse about your child’s upcoming school schedule and keep the conversation open as the year progresses.

Keep yourselves on the same page when it comes to your child’s academic progress and communication with his or her teachers. This way, you are equally equipped to help your child with the challenges he or she faces and to discuss your child with his or her teachers.

Start Preparing for the New School Year Before Summer Ends

As summer winds down, reintroduce elements of your school year routine. Bring bedtime back to a school-appropriate hour, be prepared for the first day with the supplies your child needs, and talk regularly about your expectations for the new school year so you both feel prepared ahead of the first day of school. Figuring out your first school year with a parenting plan can be as challenging for you as it is for your child, so have a plan and be prepared. 

Work with an Experienced Orlando Family Lawyer

Heading back to school at the end of the summer can be difficult for any child. If your child is heading back to school with a new parenting plan, this adjustment can be more challenging than it would be otherwise. Give your child time to adjust to his or her new school schedule and remember, it is not always an easy process for a parent, either. If you are facing difficulties with your parenting plan or want to seek a modification, work with an experienced Orlando family lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. today to set up your consultation with our firm.



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