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Four Signs It is Time for Divorce


Your marriage might not last your lifetime. This is just a fact, not a judgment or an omen or an attempt to push you toward filing for divorce. Sometimes, difficulties arise in marriages that the couple just cannot overcome, like infidelity and substance addiction. Other marriages end because the partners simply grow apart, each developing separate interests and lifestyle needs that make them incompatible for each other.

It is not always easy to recognize the signs that your marriage is over. A couple could live complacently in an unhappy or even unhealthy marriage for years, simply becoming more resentful toward each other as the years drag on. Do not let this happen to you. If you recognize one or more of the following issues in your marriage, the healthiest choice for you could be to end it.

Your Relationship is Abusive

Abuse can take many forms. If you are facing any of the following types of abuse, end the marriage as soon as possible to protect your health and safety:

  • Physical abuse, such as kicking, hitting, and denying you the medical care you need;
  • Emotional abuse, such as belittling and cruelty;
  • Psychological abuse, such as gaslighting and manipulation;
  • Financial abuse, which includes all uses of monetary access to control you; and
  • Sexual abuse, engagement in sexual activity without your

Your Mental and/or Physical Health is Failing Because of the Issues in your Marriage 

When your marriage is hazardous to your health, it is time to exit the marriage. Hazardous marriages are not always overtly abusive like the scenarios described above. When one partner struggles with addiction or mental health difficulties, the other can suffer from codependency. Other ways your health can suffer because of your marriage, which may or may not be linked to abuse, include:

  • Becoming obese and suffering the health consequences of obesity because of your partner’s attempts to sabotage your healthy lifestyle;
  • Regular allergic reactions, asthma attacks, or other health problems because of the conditions your partner creates in your home;
  • Mental health challenges like anxiety and depression due to frequent conflict; and
  • Frequent respiratory illness from exposure to a partner’s smoking.

Communication and Resolution Attempts Just Do Not Work

In a healthy marriage, the couple communicates effectively with each other and utilizes healthy conflict resolution strategies to resolve disagreements. If your disagreements always end in shouting matches, slammed doors, and other types of fighting, you are not resolving your conflicts in a healthy way. You can learn healthy conflict resolution strategies, but you both have to be committed to changing. 

You are No Longer Interested in Being Married to your Spouse

This is perhaps the most glaring reason why you should file for divorce. If you are at the point where you no longer want to try to resolve your marital difficulties or have your spouse in your life, it is time to end the marriage. Do not feel guilty or ashamed or try to repress this feeling – sometimes, people grow apart. You do not have to stay in an unhappy, unhealthy marriage.

Work with an Experienced Orlando Divorce Lawyer

When you reach the point in your marriage that you know it is over, contact an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer to start discussing the process of legally dismantling the marriage. Get started with our firm by setting up your initial legal consultation with The Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. During your consultation, we will go over the details of your case to determine the most productive course of action for you.

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