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Do You Need an Attorney for Your Uncontested Divorce in Florida?


In Florida, your divorce case is considered “uncontested” if you and your spouse agree on all issues, including alimony, child support, and property distribution, among others. Many people tend to presume that they do not need to retain an attorney to resolve their uncontested divorce.

After all, since parties agree on virtually all aspects of their divorce, why do they need a divorce attorney? In reality, however, you may still need to seek help from an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that your case goes as smoothly as possible.

3 Reasons Why You Need an Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Florida

We have outlined three reasons why you may benefit from hiring an attorney to handle your uncontested divorce in Florida.

An Attorney Will Help You Negotiate a Fair Settlement

While your willingness to compromise and maintain an amicable relationship with your ex will certainly speed up your divorce case, it may not be advised to give up your rights for the sake of appeasing your former spouse.

Your inability to say “no” or stand your ground can make it impossible to negotiate a fair settlement in your divorce. Unless you hire a lawyer to protect your rights, your soon-to-be-ex-spouse may take advantage of your kindness, leaving nothing behind.

If you are a spouse who needs to request spousal support in the course of your uncontested divorce, retaining an attorney will help you negotiate alimony without ruining a friendly relationship with your ex-spouse.

A Lawyer Will Help You Understand Florida’s Divorce Laws

You may not bother reviewing all state divorce laws in Florida, especially when you and your spouse agree on all issues surrounding your uncontested divorce. For this reason, you need a knowledgeable lawyer to explain the specific laws that may affect your divorce case.

An attorney will help you understand your legal rights as well as all divorce-related requirements, procedures, and deadlines. This information will help you ensure that you are getting what is rightfully yours in terms of alimony, property distribution, child support, and others.

The lack of legal knowledge can cause stress and frustration. Having a divorce attorney on your side, on the other side, will ensure that your divorce is stress-free and fair.

An Attorney Will Help You File the Necessary Paperwork

Just because you and your spouse agree on all issues surrounding your divorce does not make the divorce filing process any easier. Filing inappropriate paperwork, making mistakes when filling out legal forms, and missing deadlines can get your divorce case dismissed.

An experienced divorce attorney will help you fill out the necessary forms, submit the appropriate paperwork, and ensure that your divorce case meets all the statutory requirements and timelines.

While it may seem that seeking an uncontested divorce will be a walk in the park, you can benefit from retaining a skilled divorce lawyer to protect your legal rights and guide you through the divorce process. Contact our Orlando uncontested divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A., to discuss your particular case. Call at 407-521-7171 for a consultation.


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