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Monthly Archives: September 2022


How To Prove Your Ex Is An Unfit Parent To Get More Time With Your Children

By Steve W. Marsee |

Parents always want what’s best for their young ones, and sometimes the best thing for children is to stay away from their biological parents. If you believe that your ex is an unfit parent, you already know the truth of this statement. Things can become even more worrying if your ex has won primary… Read More »

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Can Both Spouses Mutually Agree To Not Pay Alimony?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Also known as spousal support, alimony can be seen as an unnecessary endeavor by many modern spouses. But will you be forced to pay alimony even if you both don’t want it? This is a question many couples ask themselves as they approach divorce – especially those who are both working professionals with little… Read More »

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Understanding The Child’s Best Interests In A Florida Custody Case

By Steve W. Marsee |

If you’re approaching a custody battle in Florida, you need to become very familiar with your child’s “best interests.” Now, you may believe that you already know all about your child’s best interests – perhaps better than any other person on Earth. However, it’s important to note that family courts are very specific about… Read More »

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