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Monthly Archives: April 2021


Who Keeps The Pets In My Florida Divorce?

By Steve W. Marsee |

When a divorce involves minor children, spouses often cannot work out custody arrangements. The same can be said about divorces involving pets. When a divorce involves pets, spouses may disagree on who gets the pets. While many people mistakenly believe that “pet custody” issues are resolved similar to “child custody,” that is not the… Read More »

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What is a Substantial Change in Circumstances in Florida Court Order Modifications?

By Steve W. Marsee |

While Florida law allows parties to modify child support, alimony, and even timesharing plans, the party requesting a modification must prove a “substantial change in circumstances.” However, many Floridians do not know what qualifies as a substantial change in circumstances to modify a court order in Florida. If you are considering modifying a court… Read More »

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