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What Is Alimony Supposed To Cover In Florida?


According to new developments in Florida family law, permanent alimony is exceedingly unlikely. This means that the only remaining type of alimony is intended to cover very specific expenses associated with newly single adults. It is not intended to be a “carte blanche” that will support you for the rest of your life – whether you intend to get back into the workforce or live off your spousal support. So what exactly is alimony supposed to cover in Florida?

This is a good question, and it’s probably best left answered by a legal professional in the Sunshine State. A family law attorney in Florida can assess your unique situation as you approach divorce and guide you towards the best possible outcome. These legal professionals can also answer as many questions as you like about alimony. Perhaps more importantly, they can make sure that you’re walking away from your marriage with exactly what you need to face the future with confidence.

Helping You Go Back to School

Many spouses sacrificed their educational opportunities in order to stay home and act as the homemaker or single parent. These spouses may need to return to school in order to have any hope of providing for themselves or the families after a divorce. Alimony addresses these concerns by providing spouses with the “breathing room” and financial assistance to return to school. This new education can help you finish degrees that you already started or simply gain qualifications for the first time, allowing you to pursue higher-paid jobs. 

Giving You Time to Get Back on Your Feet 

Alimony may also simply provide spouses with enough time to get back on their feet after a marriage. You may already have job opportunities lined up, but you might need to spend some time organizing new living arrangements, childcare options, and other concerns. Again, alimony provides you with the “breathing room” to achieve these goals. 

Getting Re-Licensed 

Alimony can also provide you with the time and resources to get re-licensed for your professional career. Your prior licenses and certifications may have expired, and you may need to re-apply for these credentials in order to re-enter the workforce in your field of expertise. Once again, alimony can provide you with enough money during this waiting period, allowing you to pursue future opportunities with confidence.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

 If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando divorce attorney, look no further than Steve Marsee, P.A. Over the years, we have helped numerous divorcing spouses in the Sunshine State, and we know that alimony is an important priority for many. With our guidance and assistance, you can pursue the best possible alimony outcome and achieve a sense of financial confidence in your post-divorce life. Remember, it’s always a good idea to get started right away, so book your consultation now to get started on an effective action plan.



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