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What Can Change Alimony in Florida?


If you are approaching divorce in the State of Florida, you might be wondering about the prospect of either paying or receiving alimony. Each marriage is different, and factors within each marriage may affect alimony in many different ways. New changes to Florida’s divorce system introduce new factors to this discussion, and there are now many things that may change how you receive alimony – and how much alimony you receive.


Perhaps the most notable recent change to Florida’s alimony system involves retirement. Thanks to this change, it is now easier to cease or reduce alimony payments after you receive your normal retirement age. This means that financial burdens for retired spouses are now much lower. Speak with an attorney for more information on how this change will affect your unique situation, since “normal retirement ages” may vary based on your profession.

 Marital Misconduct 

Marital misconduct may also have the potential to alter the way alimony is handled by family courts in Florida. First, it is important to understand that unlike many other states, Florida does not consider adultery when deciding whether or not to award alimony. However, cheating may still lead to an altered alimony amount if the affair involved dissipation of marital assets. For example, a spouse may have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on gifts and vacations for their illicit partner.

 The Duration of the Marriage 

The duration of the marriage also plays a role in the award of alimony – perhaps more so than any other factor. A marriage that lasts only a few years is now unlikely to result in any alimony payments whatsoever. A longer marriage, by contrast, will likely lead to an alimony award that lasts for approximately 50% of the total years of marriage.

 New Laws 

You must also remember that alimony laws are constantly in a state of flux. This was made adamantly clear when Florida passed a recent divorce bill. Not only did this bill affect alimony, but it also affected many other aspects of divorce – including child custody. These laws may be amended or repealed entirely within the next few decades. In fact, it is almost inevitable that we will see continued changes to Florida’s divorce system due to the ever-changing political atmosphere in the state. That said, a trend toward lower alimony burdens is becoming more common.

This is true not only in Florida but across the entire nation, as an increasing number of people see alimony as a somewhat antiquated concept. There is always the possibility that alimony will completely disappear within the next few decades. One of the most important things to know about new laws is that they are often retroactive in nature. This may give spouses the opportunity to immediately cease their alimony payments as soon as the new laws are passed.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Alimony Attorney in Florida? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando alimony attorney, look no further than Steve Marsee, P.A. While internet research certainly serves as a positive first step for divorcing spouses, a consultation with an attorney can provide more detailed, accurate information. More specifically, a consultation can help you understand which factors might affect your alimony situation. Reach out today to begin the discussion.




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