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Typical Mistakes Made in Divorces


Divorces can become very nasty quick, especially when there isn’t a prenup.  Not to mention, can be a lengthy and complex process. With never-ending paperwork, negotiations, judges and opposing counsel, the task easily becomes daunting. Before beginning a divorce, it is crucial to know the common mistakes people often make.

Choosing to Share A Divorce Lawyer 

It is never a good plan to share the same divorce attorney. Although you may be persuaded by your ex-spouse and coaxed into trying to minimize expenses or appear to be reasonable, you need your own lawyer. Sharing a lawyer means that they have to play both sides. Having your own lawyer protects your interests because your lawyer is only on your side. In case interactions with your ex-spouse become too hostile, you can just authorize your corresponding lawyers to do the negotiating instead. 

Letting Anger Takeover Your Purpose 

Divorces are often a very emotional time. Many people can easily do or voice things they don’t intend to, which frequently comes back to haunt them in the future. Losing self-control or blowing up can be humiliating, as well as potentially damaging in court. In circumstances where emotions get the best of you, take a break or do anything you have to in order to stay calm. If you can’t reasonably communicate with your spouse, wait for things to calm down and then try again. 

Failing to Sever Connections 

Couples regularly share bank accounts, car ownership, housing deeds, debt, credit cards, and many other things. It’s important that you start to separate all joint ownership assets and liabilities immediately. Make sure that you open a separate bank account and arrange for payments to be deposited there. Otherwise, your ex-spouse would be able to empty joint banking accounts, fail to pay car payments, or runup a massive credit card debt. Ensure that you make a record of all financial assets and debts. You can identify possible joint debts via your credit report.

Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning that both assets and debts are supposed to be divided fairly. However, if the judge thinks that you or your spouse recklessly spent money, the debt may be assigned to that person. 

Not Consulting with an Attorney 

Although you may be in denial and not thinking completely clear, it is important to talk to an experienced divorce attorney. Divorcing spouses must comply with numerous legal requirements to end their marriage in Florida. Your lawyer can represent you through each stage of the divorce, from filing the initial paperwork to handling complicated matters, including: property distribution; child custody; and spousal support. Additionally, your lawyer can inform you of your rights and fight for you.

Talk to a Divorce Attorney Today

Do you need assistance avoiding the typical financial traps and pitfalls of a divorce? Since divorces can be complex and nerve-racking, we suggest contacting an attorney immediately. It is crucial that you choose a qualified attorney from the beginning.

During divorces, people aren’t always treated fairly, so make sure that you are not taken advantage of. The experienced Orlando divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee are here to assist you. You can count on our qualified team to carefully guide you. Call today at 407-521-7171 or contact us online to discuss your options more in-depth.




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