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Overcoming Absentee Parenting After An Orlando Divorce


Is your ex a so-called “absentee” parent? Do you have to convince them to take their parenting time according to the parenting plan? Do they forget to pick up and drop off your shared children? Is this affecting your child’s mental and emotional health? You are not alone. After divorce and for unmarried coparents, sometimes the non-custodial parent will grow distant or refuse to meet their parenting obligations out of anger or spite towards the other parent, when often they only hurt the children in the process. This behavior should not be tolerated, and there are solutions available.

Identify Causes for Missed Parenting Time 

The first step in trying to solve an issue is identifying the root cause. Why exactly is your co-parent late or absent for drop-off and pick-ups? Are they stonewalling you, or did they change their contact information without letting you know? Maybe your co-parent has started a new job and is commuting a farther distance, or is no longer able to keep the current schedule. What is important is that they show an impetus towards positive change and are willing to proactively communicate potential conflicts with you in advance. If they are purposefully not showing up or not taking your child’s calls for spite, animus or other selfish gain, this is a different matter entirely, and an issue that likely cannot be resolved without further escalation.

Seek a Custody Modification to Reflect Current Circumstances 

If you and your co-parent have decided that the current time sharing plan is not cohesive, you can jointly request a modification to custody or visitation to reflect the current circumstances. Even if you are both in agreement, you need to obtain an updated parenting plan in writing to protect your rights and the rights of your children. If your co-parent refuses to acknowledge you, is no longer making child support payments or refuses to see their shared children, you should file an emergency order with the court of jurisdiction seeking enforcement of child support or a custody modification. The longer this behavior occurs, the more damaging it can be to your children. It is unfair and unjustified, but you do have options. 

Contact Orlando Child Custody Attorney Steve Marsee Today 

Co-parenting is not without its challenges and difficulties. That being said, co-parents must cooperate to foster a safe and loving environment for their children. Children need stability and reassurance that some things remain the same even if their parents are no longer together. Absentee parenting can foster resentment, feelings of abandonment and other issues. If you need assistance enforcing a parenting plan or help modifying child custody, contact Orlando child custody attorney Steve Marsee. He has practiced family law in Orlando for more than thirty years and is dedicated to achieving results for his clients. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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