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My Ex is Trying to Stop Paying Me Alimony in Florida. Can I Stop Them?


Due to the passing of new legislation in Florida, many residents are being confronted with the real possibility of their alimony payments ending. This can be a hard pill to swallow – especially for residents who have grown accustomed to these payments. Perhaps you have built your entire budget around these payments, and you’re not quite sure how you will survive without them. Is there any way to stop your ex if they attempt to end their alimony in Orlando?

Determine Whether Your Ex is Eligible to End Alimony 

The first step is to determine whether your ex is even eligible to end alimony. If they have filed a petition to end alimony, they must have also given a specific reason for doing so. This reason must constitute a material change in circumstance, and many possible things might qualify as such.

If they are petitioning to end alimony as a result of recent legal changes in Florida, there is a good chance that they are using retirement to justify their actions. However, the recent changes also ban permanent alimony. This means that if your spouse was previously ordered to pay alimony on a permanent basis, they may be justified in immediately ceasing all future payments.

Of course, there are various other reasons that could justify the end of alimony. These might include disability, termination, and many others.

Attempt to Show that the Petition Has No Justification 

Once you review why your ex is attempting to end alimony, you must show that their reasoning is unjustified. Perhaps the most common reason for ending alimony in the current era is retirement. Many spouses are attempting to retire early specifically to end alimony, and it is important to understand that early retirement may not always justify the cessation of alimony. On the other hand, retirement may occur earlier than what most people see as “normal” – which is generally at age 65.

To approach this situation with accuracy, you must consider your spouse’s specific profession. Different professions are associated with earlier retirement dates than others. Some, like firefighters, tend to retire as early as their 50s. Others, such as bookkeepers and accountants, tend to continue working into their later years. Based on the average retirement dates of your spouse’s profession, you can attempt to show that your spouse’s early retirement should not justify the cessation of alimony.

Find a Qualified Alimony Lawyer in Orlando 

If you are faced with the possibility of your alimony payments coming to an end, you may want to get in touch with a qualified, experienced family attorney in Orlando. These legal professionals understand the alimony system in Florida better than anyone else, and they can provide you with useful advice. If it is possible to prevent your spouse from ending your alimony payments in Florida, they can also instruct you on how to proceed. Book your consultation with Steve Marsee, P.A. today to determine the most appropriate next steps.




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