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Is it Easier to Lower Alimony or Child Support in Florida?


Faced with financial pressures, many spouses and parents may wonder whether it might be possible to lower child support or spousal support in Florida. Both might represent serious economic burdens for the average Florida resident – but which one is easier to lower (or even eliminate)? Although the answer depends on your unique circumstances, new legislation in Florida may provide clues as to the more efficient route.

Lowering Alimony and Child Support Both Require a Change in Circumstance 

Changing both alimony and child support requires a change in circumstance. In other words, you cannot change alimony or child support judgments on a whim. Serious life changes must occur, and these life changes often involve shifting financial realities.

Child Support Must Continue Until the Child Reaches Adulthood 

Although you might have the ability to lower child support obligations before the child reaches adulthood, you will likely be forced to pay at least some level of support throughout this period. Even if you are earning minimum wage, family courts will want you to hand over part of your income to your ex. For this reason, child support can be difficult to eliminate entirely.

Alimony Can Now End with Retirement

 In contrast, alimony may end long before its “scheduled” end date. Changing financial factors can encourage the courts to not only lower alimony obligations but eliminate them entirely. A clear example is retirement. If you retire in Florida, you are now allowed to lower or end your alimony payments. This is thanks to new legislation that arrived quite recently in the Sunshine State. There are other ways to end or reduce alimony, but this option is proving to be especially popular among Florida residents today. In addition, permanent alimony has now been completely abolished. Most alimony lasts only a few years, and these financial obligations are unlikely to continue for longer than it takes for a young child to reach adulthood.

Conclusion: Alimony Is Often Easier to End in Florida 

Although circumstances are different for each Florida resident, alimony is now easier to end than ever before in the Sunshine State. If you’re going to devote your time and resources toward ending one of these support obligations, you may have better luck if you work alongside an alimony lawyer in Orlando to lower or end alimony payments. The new legislation in Florida makes it especially easy to end alimony if you retire.

Find a Qualified Alimony Attorney in Orlando 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Orlando alimony attorney, look no further than Steve Marsee, P.A. With the arrival of new alimony laws in Florida, it is easier than ever before to lower alimony or even end it entirely. While this might be the easiest way to lower your post-divorce financial burdens, other strategies may be more effective based on your unique circumstances. To discuss these factors in more detail, be sure to book a consultation today.



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