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How to Prepare for a Conversation About Prenuptial Agreements


Are you considering asking your future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement in Orlando, FL? If so, it is normal to feel anxious and uneasy, unsure of how to bring up this topic of conversation. While prenups are very useful for many couples, they are also stigmatized by some and can be very difficult for people to talk about. To help you get ready for the conversation, our Florida family law team has put together a list of four things you need to keep in mind when preparing to talk to your partner about prenuptial agreements.

  1. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

This is a conversation that you will want to have as early as you possibly can. Bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement immediately before you are about to get married may cause your partner to feel pressured and hostile to any proposed agreement. By laying the groundwork early on, you will substantially increase your chances of coming to a mutually beneficial agreement, without running into any major conflict. 

  1. Bring Up the Topic Before You Present a Document

If you and your partner have never talked about premarital agreements before, you should not present them with a draft when you first bring up the issue in conversation. The topic needs to be discussed before any document can be drafted. You do not want your future spouse to feel like you are shoving a document in their face. Early discussions about prenuptial agreements should be broad and informal. Do not rush into focusing on specific, potentially controversial terms. 

  1. Know Your Goals

For a prenuptial agreement to be useful for you and your spouse, it needs to have a clear purpose. Before you bring up the conversation with your partner, you should already have a solid understanding of what you want to get out of the agreement. By knowing your own goals, you will be better able to explain why the agreement is important and you will help facilitate positive, productive discussions with your partner. 

  1. Be Ready to Listen to Your Partner’s Concerns

With premarital agreements, there is little doubt that your future spouse is going to have some concerns, and maybe even general hesitation to signing an agreement. It is critically important that you listen and understand all of the points that your partner is making. Strong disagreements may arise during your discussions. Try to stay calm, rational and clear-headed. Not only do prenuptial agreements sometimes involve some give and take, but you need to preserve a healthy, open relationship with your future spouse. 

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