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How To Manage Your Finances After A Divorce?


Getting a divorce can be both freeing and devastating at the same time, especially if you have been married for five or more years. You need to understand that once your divorce is finalized, you will be on your own.

You will no longer rely on your soon-to-be-former spouse’s income and split the bills and household expenses. That is why it is important to know what steps you can take to manage your finances after your divorce.

Contact an Orlando divorce lawyer to prepare documents for your divorce and understand how you can manage your financial situation following the dissolution of your marriage.

5 Tips on How to Manage Your Finances After a Divorce

If you are getting divorced, you should prepare yourself for a new life both emotionally and financially. You can learn to manage your finances following a divorce with these five tips:

  1. Know Your Budget

Following your divorce, it is important to reevaluate your budget. Knowing your budget can help you understand the ways to spend less and save money after your divorce. Since you are on your own now, you need to evaluate your earnings and determine what expenses are truly necessary for your new life.

  1. Update Your Goals

As we become older, we become aware of the things we truly need in our lives. It is normal for your goals and priorities to change depending on your marital status and other factors. That is why you need to update your goals and reevaluate what you want to do with your life after your divorce.

Updating your goals can help you manage your finances because you may face questions such as: “Do I want to learn skills to find a new job?” “What are my retirement plans after a divorce?” “Do I want to start a new career to earn more money?” and “Do I want to move to another state or country?”

  1. Rebuild Your Credit Score

If you have debt stemming from your marriage, you will need to get a plan on how to repay the debt to improve your credit score. Building credit following a divorce is important to improve your financial situation.

The last thing you want is accruing more debt and being unable to pay down the debt. You may need to open a credit card in your own name and be consistent with making payments on time to rebuild your credit score.

  1. Consider Moving to a New Place

If you are the spouse who stayed in the marital house following the divorce, you might want to consider whether or not it makes sense to stay there or move to a new place. For example, if you and your former spouse lived in a 3-bedroom apartment during the marriage, ask yourself, “Do I really need such a big apartment for myself, or should I move to a smaller apartment?

  1. Increase Your Income

Making more money is almost everyone’s lifetime goal. However, increasing your income is even more important if you are going through a divorce or have recently divorced. Maximizing your income allows you to afford more things and pay down your debt faster.

Contact an Orlando Divorce Lawyer

If you are looking for ways to manage your finances after a divorce, it is a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer. Our divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A., will help you understand how you can create a foundation for a healthy financial picture after your divorce. Call 407-521-7171 to talk about your case.

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