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Four Qualities to Look for in a Florida Divorce Lawyer


Are you thinking about getting divorced in Orlando, Florida? If so, you should not go through the complex legal process all by yourself. To ensure that your legal rights, your parental rights and your financial interests are fully protected, you should work with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer. Of course, there is a seemingly endless number of lawyers out there on the market. Selecting one can be overwhelming, as it can be difficult to know whom to choose. Here, we list four critically important qualities that you should always look for in a divorce attorney.

  1. Divorce Law Experience

First and foremost, you need to work with a divorce lawyer who has considerable experience handling cases similar to your own. Many lawyers are general practitioners, dabbling in many different areas of law. If a lawyer only handles a divorce case once every few years, is that really the right lawyer for you? It is doubtful. Extensive knowledge of Florida law and Florida’s family law courts is a must; but you cannot truly feel comfortable with your attorney unless your attorney has been there and done that before. You should always work with someone with a proven track record of success.

  1. Honest Assessment of Your Circumstances

As a general rule, divorce involves some compromise. When people split up, it is rare that each person is able to get literally everything that they want. You need a lawyer who is going to be honest with you, and fairly lay out what you can expect from your divorce. Did you talk to a family law attorney who simply told you everything that you want to hear? You should probably find another legal representative. Honest, open, realistic communication between an attorney and their client is one of the keys to success. 

  1. Ability to Negotiate

In most cases, divorcing couples share considerable mutual interests. This is especially true if they have children, even if they only have children who are fully-grown adults. Preserving relationships and finding agreeable solutions is very valuable. That being said, your best interests should never take a backseat to that of your spouse. This is why you should always work with an Orlando divorce lawyer who has well-honed negotiation skills. 

  1. Compassion

Finally, divorce is emotional, it is sentimental, and for most people, it is sensitive. You need to work with a family law attorney who fully understands that important point. True compassion for clients is what separates the average divorce lawyer from the great divorce lawyer. If you are consulting with a divorce attorney, and that attorney does not appear to have compassion for your emotional needs and well-being, you should consider going with another option. 

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