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Filing for Florida Divorce Online: Everything You Need to Know


The Internet has dramatically revolutionized many aspects of our lives, which is why it is not surprising that people can for divorce online in Florida nowadays. Although filing for divorce online is not as easy as it might sound, doing so may be an optimal option for couples who have an uncontested divorce case.

Online divorce is often the most affordable and fast solution for those seeking to file for the dissolution of marriage in Orlando or other parts of Florida. However, you may still benefit from consulting an Orlando divorce attorney to help you find, prepare, and fill out the appropriate forms and provide instructions on how to file for divorce online.

What You Need to Know About Online Divorce in Florida

When it comes to filing for divorce online in the state of Florida, there are two options: (a) filing papers through the Florida court system, and (b) filing for a no-court hearing divorce process.

  1. Florida divorce online. The Florida court system has the e-filing portal where Floridians can file their divorce papers online without having to go to the family law court.
  2. No-court divorce hearing. Many courthouses in Florida support a no-court hearing divorce process. When you go for the no-court divorce option, your hearing process will most likely be final in less than 30 days.

Florida divorces can be broken down into the regular divorce process and simplified divorce. A simplified divorce is only available for those who have no children to deal with child custody and child support issues and no property to be divided in property distribution.

Filing Requirements for Online Divorce in Florida

To file for Florida divorce online, your case must satisfy the following requirements:

  • An irretrievably broken marriage. Since Florida does not require fault in a divorce, both spouses can agree that their marriage is “irretrievably broken” to be eligible for divorce. Although either spouse’s fault can be considered in the divorce proceeding, it is not relevant for filing.
  • To file for online divorce in Florida, one spouse must have resided in the Sunshine State for the preceding six months.
  • Online course. Florida law requires couples with children to take a mandatory 4-hour parent course before filing for divorce. The course is meant to inform parents of their responsibilities to their children during the divorce process.

How to File for Florida Divorce Online?

Filing divorce papers online has become easier as there are multiple third-party websites that have streamlined the process to help Floridians get divorced from the comfort of their home.

These third-party sites provide online forms to help couples complete their divorce filing online. Typically, these sites charge a fee associated with online divorce filings, but it may still be worth it for those who do not want to waste their time at the courthouse.

Despite the fact that filing for online divorce in Florida is easy, going through a divorce can be a complicated process. That is why you need legal help from an Orlando divorce attorney before going online to file for divorce.

Be more proactive with your legal representation to be prepared for any complications or pitfalls that may arise during your divorce case. Contact Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee to discuss your divorce options. Call at 407-521-7171 to get a case review.


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