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Factors that you Should Consider Before Discussing Alimony


Often times there are various reasons people unhappy in their marriage chose to postpone filing for divorce. One of the principal reasons often relates to financial worries. The thought of being forced to consider both financial and lifestyle changes can be a bitter pill to swallow for most.

Spouses making a majority of the money in their marriages may particularly be concerned about losing large portions of their incomes to their former spouses. Alimony is regularly an intense subject litigated over in divorces. One divorced Tampa Bay man even fled the State of Florida to get away from an alimony case his ex-wife reopened. 

Consider Bringing in Experts 

Especially if you are the principal moneymaker, you should not negotiate with your ex alone. Conferring with an outside experienced divorce attorney and related financial consultants first, may strengthen your case.

For example, a career counselor can help better determine your ex-spouse’s job outlooks as well as yours. An accountant can evaluate your current and future financial obligations. Additionally, a certified financial planner can help protect your assets and financial interests. All of these professionals can serve as witnesses to influence the amount of alimony you may be ordered to pay.

Be Weary of Costly Short Term or Lump Sum Offers

If your ex offers any kind of alimony or spousal support arrangement involving excessively costly short-term disbursements or any lump sum settlements, you should decline. Although you may think that paying off your ex faster will help you move on, typically this just ends up costing more in the end.

When the payer agrees to make lower payments over a longer time period, they generally have more financial freedom and end up saving much more money. Additionally, often the payer may eventually be able to get the judge to modify or terminate alimony in the future. Ex-spouses may remarry, die, or start making enough income on their own so that spousal support is no longer necessary.

Remember that Alimony Agreements Allow for Modification

If you are asking for a modification in your payments, you need to establish a change in your situation that was unforeseeable at the time of the original agreement. For example, if the payer lost their high salary job at no fault of their own. Or if the payer becomes disabled or may be unexpectedly forced into an early retirement.

Additionally, when negotiating an alimony payment agreement, you should include specific clauses that pave the way for termination of payments if certain events occur. 

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney Today 

From his offices in Orlando, Steve W. Marsee helps his clients with all aspects of spousal support and alimony. If you are planning on filing for a divorce or have already been served with divorce papers, the skilled and compassionate team at the  Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee are prepared to aggressively fight to protect your rights.

We are committed and determined to obtain a just and reasonable resolution for your divorce.

Choosing a highly-qualified lawyer to provide you with the best possible representation is in your interest.

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