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Everything Your Attorney Should Know in a Divorce Case


After you and your spouse choose to put an end to your marriage, your next concern should be in finding an experienced divorce lawyer in Orlando to represent you. Your divorce lawyer will compassionately support you and work to get you the best child custody agreement, an equitable division of your assets and liabilities, reasonable alimony arrangement and overall resolution that you warrant.

In return, it is important for you to be as honest and straightforward with your divorce lawyer, so that he or she can represent all of your interests effectively. Below is some of the information that your divorce lawyer needs to be aware of: 

The Circumstances that Lead to Your Divorce 

It is important to provide your lawyer with an understanding of why you and your spouse decided to end the marriage. Most lawyers are aware that this may be a rather difficult subject. However, making your lawyer aware of any cheating or abuse that occurred is necessary. Working with a compassionate lawyer that upholds a professional demeanor will help make this discussion easier.

All Matters Concerning Minor Children 

Divorcing couples with minor children have to develop an arrangement for visitation while the divorce is taking place. Also, both child custody and support agreements must be reached.

There are a lot of different particulars that you should discuss with your lawyer about your children, including the ages of all your children, their religious beliefs, whether or not their grandparents have a role in their lives, their education levels, college savings, and any special concerns.

Additionally, your lawyer should be aware of the way of life that your children are used to as well as all the undertakings they are involved in. The objective is to give your lawyer as much information as possible, so that your children are the highest priority during the divorce. 

Your Financial Standing and Potential Career Advancement 

Your divorce attorney must have a complete comprehension of all of your financial prospects. Attorneys need to know their clients’ career path and future career prospects. You should give all information in regards to your earnings, assets, investments, IRA accounts, 401K accounts, potential inheritances and all other benefits you receive.

Also, you should provide a complete picture of your budget and overall expenses.  All of this financial information will assist your attorney in identifying your financial situation after the divorce. 

While your divorce lawyer is on your side and wants the best for you, he or she can only help you based on the information you provide. Although many topics are sensitive and may not be easy to discuss, you have to understand that your lawyer is a professional and probably hears very unsettling details on a day-to-day basis. Truthfulness is the most efficient and the best way to begin your rapport.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney Today 

From his offices in Orlando, Steve W. Marsee assists his clients with all aspects related to divorce, child custody and spousal support. If you make the decision to get divorce, the knowledgeable and compassionate team at the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee will advise you of your rights.

Our Orlando divorce attorneys will tenaciously and aggressively will fight on your side in order to secure a reasonable resolution for your case. The determined Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee are here to help you, obtain a divorce, during this difficult process. Call now at 407-521-7171 or contact us online to schedule an appointment and discuss the details of your divorce.


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