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Effective Negotiation Strategies During Divorce Mediation in Orlando


Many divorce lawyers in Orlando approach divorce negotiations with highly effective strategies. These legal professionals may draw upon decades of experience at the negotiation table, and they may know exactly how to achieve positive results for their clients. Negotiation is an art, and it may involve a combination of financial acumen, psychological understanding, and emotional intelligence (EQ). What are some specific strategies your lawyer might employ during your divorce negotiations in Orlando?

Get Started as Soon as Possible

 The sooner you get started with a divorce lawyer, the better. Generally speaking, you will enter negotiations with a clear advantage if you spent more time preparing than your ex. Many spouses consult with divorce lawyers weeks or even months before filing for divorce. They create clear strategies, gather documents, and put everything in place before filing for divorce. From there, the other spouse is always on the back foot during negotiations.

Find Out What Your Ex Wants 

Information is critical in divorce negotiations. Whether you choose mediation, collaborative law, or another form of alternative dispute resolution, you need to gather as much information as you can. While sifting through tax returns, financial documents, and social media posts, try to determine what your ex wants. What are their “pressure points?” How can you use this as leverage to achieve your goals?

Displaying a Willingness to Go to Trial

 A common tactic is to give the impression you are fully committed to litigation – even if you would rather avoid a divorce trial. This may pressure your ex into making concessions, as they may wish to avoid a trial at all costs. This strategy may be particularly effective if your ex values privacy. Perhaps they want to keep certain embarrassing information out of the public record.

 The Power of Compromising 

An effective negotiation strategy can be tough, but it cannot be stubborn – and even a slight compromise can be highly effective. Many spouses are far too committed to specific goals during negotiations. For example, you might want to walk away with $200,000 – and not a penny less. However, you should always be open to alternative resolutions. For example, you might receive $100,000 in cash and $100,000 in physical assets. Perhaps you’ll agree on a slightly lower sum of $190,000, allowing you to wrap up the negotiation quickly and save on legal fees.

 Get Advice from Outside Voices

 You might also want to bring other parties into the negotiation. These might be financial advisors, accountants, or even child psychologists. Once again, information is key when it comes to negotiating effectively.

Get Started With an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Orlando 

Negotiations are easier with an experienced divorce lawyer in Orlando. Whether you’re fighting for a divorce settlement, custody rights, or alimony, we can help. We have spent years fighting for the best interests of divorcing spouses in Orlando – and we can do the same for you. Reach out today, book a consultation with Steve Marsee, P.A., and begin formulating your negotiation strategies.




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