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Could Florida Ban ALL Alimony in the Future?


Most residents of Florida are already aware of the State’s recent ban on permanent alimony, but could lawmakers eventually go even further and ban the entire practice of alimony altogether? This is certainly possible, and critics have referred to alimony as an antiquated concept for decades. Generally speaking, legal changes occur in incremental steps – and Florida’s recent changes could be the first in a continuing transition toward an alimony-free society.

What Would an Alimony-Free Future Look Like in Florida? 

In truth, an alimony-free future would not look all that different compared to modern life in Florida. Currently, alimony is already fairly difficult to obtain for many spouses. Short-term marriages do not lead to alimony for the most part, and many spouses are not eligible to receive these payments for a variety of other reasons. Income parity is very common in the modern era, and many spouses both work full-time throughout their marriages. Even if alimony is required, it often only lasts a few years.

In addition, many spouses avoid alimony through alternative strategies, such as prenuptial agreements or collaborative law. This leaves only a small portion of spouses who stand to receive alimony payments beyond a few years. Thanks to recent changes in Florida, permanent alimony is no longer a possibility. If Florida eventually abolishes the practice of spousal support altogether, it would only affect a very small number of spouses.

Why Is Alimony Considered an Outdated Concept? 

Alimony was first introduced during a period when women did not work at all. As a result, a divorce had the very real potential to leave a woman completely destitute. Even if the woman wanted to work and earn income after their divorce, the society of that era simply wouldn’t allow it. Therefore, alimony was necessary at this point in time to avoid a whole segment of the population completely dependent on charity and government support.

Clearly, we no longer live in this era. Women are perfectly capable of supporting themselves financially, and many earn incomes that are far higher than their male counterparts. While some statistics point to the lack of wage equality for men and women, these statistics fail to mention biological factors such as pregnancy. Men are also more likely to take on risky jobs with high death rates. These factors suggest practical explanations for wage equality rather than a systemic level of discrimination.

With this in mind, alimony begins to seem like a completely antiquated concept. America was founded on the principle of equality for all – and every healthy, working-age individual in the nation is capable of supporting themselves in the land of opportunity.

Find a Qualified Spousal Support Lawyer in Orlando Today 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced spousal support lawyer in Orlando, look no further than Steve Marsee, P.A. While speculating about the future of alimony in Florida is interesting, there may be steps you can take right now to end these payments. Retirement and many other life changes can lead to modifications, and you could cease these payments within a matter of months. Book your consultation today to learn more.




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