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Convincing Your Ex to Say No to Alimony


What if you could somehow convince your ex to say no to alimony? Your ex might be legally entitled to spousal support in Orlando – but they might be willing to relinquish this right under certain circumstances. If you want to pursue this strategy further, you’ll need to engage in private negotiations with your ex – and you’ll benefit from an experienced Orlando alimony lawyer at your side during the entire process.

Some Spouses May Be Desperate to Avoid Court 

Some spouses are desperate to avoid court, as the public nature of these hearings may reveal embarrassing details to the world. These details may include various acts of misconduct committed by the spouse, including adultery, substance abuse, child abuse, gambling addictions, animal abuse, and so on.

Some of this misconduct may affect alimony orders in Florida – particularly adultery. But even if it doesn’t prevent you from eliminating your spousal abuse obligations, you can still raise these issues in court. If your spouse is aware of your intention to publicize their misconduct, they may be willing to relinquish their alimony rights.

With all that said, you must be careful not to be too threatening in this scenario. If you threaten to reveal something embarrassing or criminal for financial gain, you could face charges of blackmail or extortion. Not paying alimony is a form of financial gain.

Negotiating a Deal During Mediation

 If you don’t want to pay alimony, you may convince your ex to relinquish their support rights if you offer something in return. You can negotiate these deals during mediation, collaborative law, or other alternative dispute resolution methods.

For example, your spouse might desperately want to hold onto the luxury vehicle, the boat, or the jewelry collection. Depending on the value of these assets, you may decide that it makes more sense to hand them over in exchange for no future alimony payments. Your alimony lawyer can help you make these calculations with confidence.

You May Not Need to Pay Alimony Anyway 

Before you even consider these strategies, take a moment to determine whether alimony is even necessary. Remember, Florida recently changed its spousal support laws – banning permanent alimony. Spousal support now lasts for shorter periods of time, and it is also easier to end alimony upon retirement. For short-term marriages of less than a few years, you may not need to pay any alimony at all. Be sure to discuss these complex factors alongside your alimony lawyer in Orlando.

Find an Experienced Alimony Lawyer in Orlando 

If you’ve been searching for an experienced alimony lawyer in Orlando, look no further than Steve Marsee, P.A. Over the years, we have helped numerous spouses going through divorce in Orlando – including high-net-worth individuals. We know that reducing or eliminating alimony is often a primary concern for spouses in Florida. With our help, you can pursue financial security with confidence. Book your consultation today to get started.




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