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Common Criticisms of Florida’s New Alimony Laws


Governor DeSantis probably expected a fair amount of backlash after revamping Florida’s alimony system. The new laws clearly favor those paying alimony. And statistically speaking, these spouses are more likely to be male. Almost inevitably, the governor has faced criticisms from female-rights groups. Some even say that he is violating the rights of women. Fortunately, we live in a democratic society where people are allowed to voice their criticisms of new laws. But what exactly are these critics saying about Florida’s new alimony system?

The Suggestion that This Might Drive Away Female Republican Voters 

One of the most often-repeated arguments is that DeSantis’ new bill will drive female voters away from the Republican party. Allegedly, several women have already publicly stated that they will no longer be voting Republican after this new change. However, this argument doesn’t really involve the merits of the bill itself – but rather its popularity among a particular demographic (particularly older women).

The Suggestion That it Discourages Family Values

 Another common criticism is that the bill actively discourages traditional family values. With less “protection” from alimony laws, many women argue that they are less likely to accept a life as a homemaker or housewife.

 The Argument that Florida’s New Alimony Laws Endanger Women 

One of the more extreme criticisms of the bill is the argument that it will physically endanger women. Proponents of this argument claim that the new legislation encourages exes to “surveil” their former partners in order to determine if they are engaging in a supportive relationship. This, they argue, raises all kinds of concerns involving stalking and domestic violence.

 The Alleged Financial Burden on Families and the Taxpayer

 Finally, a more economic argument against the new bill involved an allegedly higher financial burden on both families and taxpayers in Florida. This is really the heart of the issue, as most women are primarily concerned about losing financial support due to the new bill. The argument is that these women will lose the ability to live happy, comfortable lives.

Some go one step further, arguing that when these women lose financial support, the taxpayer will end up footing the bill. The logic is that when women lose alimony, they will be more likely to accept government assistance in the form of welfare or social security. While this argument has merit, it’s worth mentioning that family courts in Florida generally try to avoid divorce settlements that leave spouses completely destitute.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Alimony Attorney in Florida? 

Regardless of what you believe about these new alimony laws, a new approach may be required as spouses adapt the legislative changes. Whether you are paying or receiving alimony, an Orlando divorce attorney can help you assess your options and discuss potential changes you might need to make as you move forward. Book your consultation with Steve Marsee, P.A. to determine the most appropriate legal course of action today.





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