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Can My Political Views Affect Child Custody in Florida?


Divisive political issues have spread across the United States, affecting not only the government but also individual families. If you are a divorced parent in Orlando, you might be wondering how your political views might affect child custody. Could you lose custody if your political views are deemed “extreme” by family courts? Should you resist the urge to speak with your children about politics or religion? It may be easier to answer these questions alongside a qualified divorce lawyer in Orlando.

Understanding the Child’s Best Interests

 While you might have very “extreme” or uncommon political views, they should not automatically lead to negative custody outcomes. To lose custody, family courts must conclude that these political views somehow go against the child’s best interests. If you’re concerned about how your views might affect your custody rights, review the various factors that affect the child’s best interests in Florida.

Some of these factors have nothing to do with political viewpoints. Examples include geographical distances between the two parents’ homes, the amount of affection you have shown to your child, and your financial capability to care for the child.

On the other hand, other factors could theoretically involve extreme or dangerous political ideologies. For example, you might be planning some kind of revolution against the government while posting about your plans on social media. Perhaps you are trying to “radicalize” your children to fight for your cause – whatever it might be. These issues could affect numerous factors associated with a child’s best interests in Florida. Examples include:

  • Each parent’s ability to ensure the safety of the child
  • The mental health of each parent
  • The mental health of the child
  • Evidence of emotional or psychological abuse committed by either parent

Your Stance on Firearms Might Prove Especially Important 

The Second Amendment is a political issue that certainly has the potential to affect child custody in Florida. Regardless of what you believe, your ability to safely store and use your firearms is especially important in the context of child custody. It is important to follow all firearms safety rules in Florida, even if you do not agree with them on a constitutional basis. If your ex finds out that you have been storing, using, or obtaining your firearms in a way that violates state or federal laws, this could reflect negatively on your abilities as a parent.

The Dangers of “Indoctrinating” Your Children

 Even if you are simply explaining your political views to your children, your ex might accuse you of “indoctrinating” them. This accusation may be especially problematic if you criticize your ex or their beliefs in front of your children. For example, your ex might be a Christian. If you tell your children that there is no God, your children may become highly confused when they return to the other household and hear the exact opposite viewpoint from the other parent. This type of psychological conflict and parental alienation can be particularly concerning for family courts in Florida.

Approach Custody Alongside Steve Marsee, P.A. 

Parents may need to consider numerous factors when approaching custody in Florida – including politics. If you want to fight for your rights as a parent, a consultation with an Orlando divorce lawyer might be a good idea. During your first meeting with Steve Marsee, P.A., you can ask important questions about child custody. Reach out today to get all the help you need with your custody battle.




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