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Can I Prevent or Limit the Other Parent’s Right to Visit My Child?


Florida policymakers believe that is inherently in the best interest of children for them to have an ongoing relationship with both of their parents. As a result of this preference, joint custody and shared parental responsibility is heavily favored in the state. Of course, we all know that some parents are not truly capable providing care for their children. Indeed, some parents are downright dangerous. There are certainly times when it is simply not appropriate for a parent to have much (if any) contact with their child.

In these cases, the other parent can take action to restrict or even eliminate the other parent’s child custody & child visitation rights. Doing so is highly complex. Parents seeking to restrict or eliminate the other parent’s rights should always be represented by a qualified legal professional. Here, our Orlando child custody lawyer explains your three basic options for restricting the other parent’s custody & visitation rights in Florida.

How to Restrict the Other Parent’s Child Visitation Rights in Florida

Option #1: Work With the Other Parent 

In some cases, you may be able to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement with the other parent. While this is certainly not always possible, there are some cases in which parents recognize that they have shortcomings. In this situation, your child’s other parent may be willing to come to a binding but voluntary shared parenting agreement that limits their custody and visitation rights. 

Option #2: Ask a Family Law Court to Impose Additional Restrictions  

If a voluntary agreement is not possible, you will have to take your case to a family law court. Florida family law courts are not particularly eager to put significant restrictions on parental rights, but they will do if strong evidence can be presented that demonstrates why doing so is in the best interest of the child. In this circumstance, you should always be represented by a highly skilled Orlando child custody attorney who can help you present a compelling case. 

Option #3: File for the Termination of Parental Rights  

Finally, in the most severe case, you can file for the termination of the other parental rights. To be clear, it is difficult to get a parent’s rights stripped in Florida. However, it can be done when doing so is warranted. Florida courts will only terminate the other parent’s right if you can present strong evidence that proves that the parent is a serious threat to their child’s health, safety, and overall wellbeing. Generally, this will involve some form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, or substance abuse that makes it clear that the other parent simply cannot be in the life of the child.

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