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5 Pitfalls of Filing for Florida Divorce Online to Be Aware Of


As you may know, you have the option of filing for divorce online in the State of Florida. And while filing for divorce online in Florida may sound tempting to save on legal and court fees as well as expedite the divorce process, you should be aware of the pitfalls of pursuing a “do-it-yourself” divorce.

In reality, by using a “do-it-yourself” divorce solution, you can end up spending more money and wasting more time in the long run.

Why a Do-It-Yourself Online Divorce is Not the Ideal Solution

There is a variety of third-party online divorce platforms claiming that a do-it-yourself divorce is a cost-efficient and cheaper alternative to filing for divorce in court. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Floridians need to be aware of the following pitfalls of pursuing an online divorce in Florida:

  • You may fail to meet divorce filing deadlines. Florida law imposes strict deadlines for filing and responding to legal forms. For example, a respondent spouse has 20 days to respond to the other spouse’s petition, according to the Florida Courts website. When using an online divorce site, it is easy to miss deadlines, which could result in additional filing fees and create unnecessary delays in your divorce case.
  • You may not be able to fill out divorce forms properly. When pursuing a do-it-yourself divorce in Florida, you may not be able to fill out filing forms properly, which could jeopardize your legal rights or lead to delays in your case.
  • You may not be aware of your legal rights. Your Orlando divorce lawyer will help you understand all of your legal rights when seeking a divorce. When filing for divorce online, on the other hand, you are likely to miss out on helpful and often necessary advice from a legal expert.
  • You may fail to create a binding agreement. Creating a legally binding and enforceable agreement is a vital part of every divorce case. When pursuing a do-it-yourself divorce, you may end up drafting and signing an invalid agreement that will be thrown out of the court. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer, on the other hand, allows you to ensure that you have a binding and enforceable divorce agreement.
  • You may get scammed. People filing for divorce online are at risk of falling prey to various scams. While there are several legitimate do-it-yourself divorce platforms on the Internet, there are also many websites that prey on your financial and personal information.

Contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney

If you are considering pursuing a do-it-yourself or online divorce in Florida, you have to be aware of the potential disadvantages of representing yourself. Your divorce settlement will have a long-lasting impact on you and your children, which is why it is best to contact a Orlando divorce attorney to help you navigate the divorce process and protect your legal rights.

Speak with our divorce attorney Steve W. Marsee at the Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A., to discuss your case. Call at 407-521-7171 to schedule a consultation.


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