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Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Orlando Divorce Attorney
  • Experienced DIVORCE ATTORNEY


Alimony dropped

This is the second time I’ve hired Steve Marsee and I have won both times with him. Steve is professional along with his knowledgeable paralegal team that gets back to you right away. Steve was able to get my alimony dropped during mediation after discovering that my ex wife remarried and was denying it. Steve has a great program by charging a flat fee for his services. Steve has been my 3rd lawyer since I originally divorced and I wish I would have found him first because he’s really that good. Steve really fights for you and makes you feel comfortable through out the process while fighting for you! Thanks Steve and Rebecca for everything you have done to help me out and providing your legal expertise! 2 for 2!!!

~ Steve

Steve Did What I Needed To get Done

I hired Mr. Steve Marsee to represent me in a difficult time in my life. His performance was excellent I won the case and that burden was off of me. It was a great day when it was finished. Now life has a new meaning for me. Thanks again Mr. Marsee and supporting staff.

~ Alexander Glos

The Best In Central Florida

I have been divorced since 2004 and was hammered by my ex-wife and, her lawyer and the judge. My final judgement was almost non modifiable. I was cautioned by other attorneys not to take the case to court as it would result in spending money needlessly. Steve Marsee changed my mandatory payments and got an end date to the “Alimony For Life.” He was honest, transparent, aggressive and protective. I would recommend him anyone and everyone who has a Florida Family Law concern.

~ Anonymous

Best Divorce Lawyer

Steve was the consummate professional from start to finish. Other lawyers charged me money for an initial consultation and then offered no hope of any help. Steve offered a free consultation immediately and then proceeded to craft an effective strategy. He charged a fair flat fee and never wavered. His entire office was on the ball all the time. And they were able to get me a successful outcome.

~ Jerry

Ready to fight for you

My ex was overly controlling and financially and emotionally abusive and had gotten used to successfully using scare tactics and manipulation to win. Steve took over my case from another attorney who was just not up to the challenge of facing my ex or his attorney, who needed to understand that they couldn’t win by being pushy and demanding. If you have a narcissist for an ex, you know that you are in for a tough battle during a divorce – most judges, mediators, or other attorneys will fall for their act, not to mention that their ever-changing moods and desire to inflict pain prolong the process and add to unnecessary costs. Steve was more than able to see through the torrential hassle that was going to be thrown at us and navigate through it using cool logic and an impressive history of expertise. His ability to articulate and appear level-headed in front of a judge is impressive and you feel assured that you will come out ahead or at least in a fair position. Especially in the face of an ex and opposing counsel who have stolen money and are fighting to keep it and who use even special-needs children as bargaining chips instead of wanting to do what is best, Steve’s ability to reason and argue are needed in the heat of a battle. I will never forget when opposing counsel broke down crying in front of the judge!

When you’re looking for a lawyer and are facing a truly terrifying situation, you want to know that your attorney isn’t just seeing the dollar signs. Steve understood that I had been taken advantage of for years and manipulated and scared into giving in and helped to protect the things that were most important to me (my children and their future). The divorce is final, but this fight will never truly be over, and I know that I will always have an incredible resource to turn to.

~ Anonymous

Best in Orlando

Steve helped me get my divorce done after another attorney who had the highest ratings on AVVO did not. He jumped in to the fray and got a stalled divorce to move along and settle without going to court. I had so many court hearings for contempt and changing of the actual divorce trial. It was like date roulette with my first attorney. I so wish I had hired him first, would have saved me years of waiting and stress for myself and my daughter.

~ Joan


I hired Mr. Steve Marsee to represent me in a difficult time in my life. His performance was excellent I won the case and that burden was off of me. It was a great day when it was finished. Now life has a new meaning for me. Thanks again Mr. Marsee and supporting staff.

~ Anonymous

You want him on your side

My wife and I hired Steve based off a recommendation from a friend and after our consultation with him. One of the best things I can say about Steve is that he doesn’t tell you just what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. He is extremely responsive to emails at almost any point in the year and any time of the day. His responses are quick and to the point, so sometimes you may not feel like everything got answered. Whenever that happened, his paralegals stepped in and helped or were able to answer questions. Also, he doesn’t suck your bank account dry like other lawyers. He won’t nickel and dime you.

Most importantly, Steve will have a great gameplan and can read a judge like a book. I don’t know if we would have won our case or kept our sanity if it weren’t for Steve and his team.


~ Danny

Rockin Lawyer

No doubt one of the best in Central Florida. After hiring two other “highly recommended” lawyers who did nothing, I was directed to Mr. Marsee. No doubt the third time was a charm for me and he truly lived up to being “highly recommend”. He finalized everything in one year what two other lawyers could not do in almost seven years.

This man is a menace to the opposing side and gives no mercy. I also have to give credit to his gem of a paralegal Rebecca. She is just as dedicated and passionate as Steve. They both changed my lifestyle by 180 degrees financially and more importantly worked out exactly what I wanted with my son (ex wanted to move out of state). They are honest, fair and do NOT make any promises they can’t keep. Straight and to the point legal pros. Well worth every cent.

Not only does he rock in court, he has an awesome colorful collection of shirts and rocks on a guitar. Thank you Steve and Rebecca. Love you both as professionals and as friends!

~ Marcus

Excellent family law attorney!

Steve helped me get a mediation agreement that was better than I thought and as a result I didn’t have to go to trial. He lives up to his 5 star reputation.

~ Anonymous

Always going above and beyond

Steve’s legal prowess is a gift that keeps on giving, which speaks volumes in a family law case!

~ Meghan

Amazing Divorce Attorney and staff

I was in the beginning of a bad divorce. My wife of 19 years was seeking lifetime alimony. She was asking for 25% of my pay. I have a family. Steve and his staff were amazing, they cared about me and my family. They Gathered all of the information quickly and were extremely professional. Steve got me out of the divorce paying no alimony and within 2 months of hiring him. Steve and his entire staff are extremely intelligent and thoughtful and caring. I was very lucky to have them help me through this horrible process.

~ Bill

Mr. Marsee’s help with my Divorce

Steve Marsee and his team are top notch! They made the entire divorce process so much easier, any questions or concerns that I had were always answered right away. If you’re looking for a superb attorney look no further, I highly recommend Mr. Marsee.

~ Ron

Outstanding Attorney

Attorney Marsee came highly recommended. He and his staff are outstanding. They helped me through a difficult phase in my life and a case that was tough from the opposing side. From the first consultation through the Final Judgement they performed professionally and did everything as promised. I would highly recommend this firm. No need to look around, he is the BEST.

~ Gary

Best helP

Mr.Marsee is the best. His experience & knowledge helped me out in my complicated case. thanks to him I’ ve got twice more than I was ever expected. His communication with other lawyers in different fields played great role in my immigration-divorce-custody case. He knows everything about everything & the people who know people. Couldn’t wish the other lawyer!

~ Anonymous


Mr. Marsee and his staff helped me through my divorce. He and his staff exceed all my expectations. They were attentive, courteous , kind, punctual, professional, thorough, and represented me in a professional manner. The outcome of my divorce was just what he said would happen and in the time frame he stated. Most importantly I did have to pay alimony, which he stated in the beginning consult. This is the law office you want on your side for all your family law needs. I can not say enough them all, Thank you!

~ Anonymous

A Blessing and The Right Choice…

The search for representation is not easy, things are hitting the fan and choosing the correct attorney is vital. Had a few consultations in flashy offices that listed their demands, while others gave me why my case will be a challenge. Finally a friend referred me to Steve Marsee, as I walked into his office I was greeted with smiles and welcoming nods… being acknowledged by all who saw me.

The consultation with Steve Marsee was easy, he asked me what I wanted and he said he would take care of it. That’s it? Wow, he was able to make me feel good about what was about to come. Our first meeting was easy, informative and he was quick to execute a plan. Paper work was taken care of, filed, responded but nothing is ever easy…. an amicable, simple divorce became messy and hateful in a heartbeat.

Panic mode began but was quickly reassured by Steve’s knowledge and expertise. Marsee and his staff answered my questions almost as quickly and as often as I can up with them. Ms. Rebecca his paralegal was soooo good, she would recognize my voice with just my “Hello”.

Arriving to mediation, I was able to see my soon to be ex’s attorney arrive with a stern face and an attitude for intimidation. Then was relieved to see Steve approaching, with a smile on his face and a spring on his step (a man who loves what he does). Lol, people knew who he was, he was stopped, and was greeted by all…receptionist, clerks and other attorneys in the hallways. Reputation is very important, and how you present yourself is another. Steve’s Marsee is known for his smile and as a hard worker. His presence is calming, and oozes with confidence, his reputation is one who is aggressive and knowledgeable.

Having Steve Marsee or anyone on his team on your side is a blessing and the right choice.

~ Maria Christina

A savior for me

Steve and his team had me at hello. I was not in a good place when I met him as I was beginning the divorce process. He calmed me down and rationally explained my options and determined what my goals were and what he could do for me. I was impressed and felt like I was in good hands from the start. His paralegals were wonderful and corresponded with me frequently and answered all my question not matter how silly or speculative they were. When It came time to for trial, we went in well prepared and Steve, his paralegal and myself were all on the same page. The other attorney never stood a chance.

~ Duane

Good Representation is not cheap, and cheap representation is not good.

Hire this man. Good help is not cheap, and cheap help is no good. I was staring down the barrel of a 6 figure divorce with a spouse that was keeping my children from me and had filed a Domestic Violence Injunction against me. To say it was ugly would be an understatement.

I found Steve online and his reviews were positive. So we met.

At the start of this I was very needy, not having gone thru this before. Not used to having police show up at my home and my business. Having DCF and the police show up on Valentine’s day to investigate my supposedly beating my children. Steve took my call while he was out to dinner with his wife on Valentines day and talked me thru the entire process.

Both him and Rebecca in his office were amazing to work with the entire time and held my hand thru the entire process.

He handled every aspect of my case from filing the needed notices to handling the domestic violence aspect, to meeting with the DCF investigator, to getting my personal effects back that were seized, thru a mediation process that went better than I could have ever expected to finally standing in court and having the judge sign off on it. A testament to Steve and what he brought was obvious when I was in court that day. The judge didn’t have to keep asking him to correct his paperwork, it was right the first time. And the judge made the comment, most men don’t leave divorce court smiling. I did.

No alimony, shared custody of my children, such minimal child support that you would be shocked to hear an annual amount it was so low. She has no attachments to my business or any of the items I accumulated over the years. I walked out of court in better shape than I went in. All because of Steve and his firm.

Sure you can hire a cheaper attorney, I got to see a lot of them in court that day. Their clients didn’t leave smiling, they were not happy. I was, and am more than satisfied what he accomplished on my behalf. Don’t waste your time, your money or your future on hiring anyone other than Steve.

~ Thom

Knowledable, dependable a a great lawyer

Steve handled my divorce, he and his staff were always available for questions and coupled with his knowledge of the law made me feel very comfortable. I was very pleased with the settlement and have recommended Steve to friend and family in need of an effective divorce attorney.

~ Anonymous

Good Job

Steve did a great job on my divorce. He looked out for my best interest and was there by my side the whole time. He was easy to talk to and he made me feel confident that everything would work out.

~ Leslie


Steve had my case child support case settled on just one mediation while other attorneys prior to him couldn’t even get the opposing attorney on the phone. he is truly the best!

~ Aaron

Kim Stinson

I have used Steve’s firm on a couple of occasions. They were highly Professional, very prompt , and very courteous. A divorce case is something that’s needs constant and thorough communication and that is what I received. I have already referred other clients to his firm and will do so again in the future. Simply put , they are the best in the business! I was completely satisfied.

~ Kim

I Highly Recommended, Steve Marsee !!!!!!!

I highly recommend Steve Marsee as a Divorce Attorney! If you want to come out on top in your divorce process, hire Steve! Not only will he get the job done…..He will get the job done RIGHT!

~ Valerie

Worth every penny!

Following an unfortunate confluence of the wife’s menopause, mid-life crises, and severe bouts of Greener-Grass Syndrome that led to multiple affairs, I had the fortunate experience of dealing with Steve Marsee and his paralegal Rebecca during a tumultuous time while extricating the wife from my life. Over the course of a long and drawn out divorce involving several sane people and one crazed soon-to-be ex-wife Steve guided me through the process that ensured a settlement that wouldn’t gut me financially for years. I kept my business, limited alimony, and came away much better than friends who bragged about how cheap their lawyer was. In the end, they gave their exes more than double what the entire divorce cost me under very similar circumstances and are tied to their personal Queen of the Asylum for a decade. Kids, business, more than twenty years of marriage and I came away well.

Communication was excellent and I have a file of more than 500 e-mails and a hundred phone calls to prove it. Steve and Rebecca went above and beyond to ensure that I would come out of a horrible situation with as little damage as possible. You get what you pay for and Steve and his team were worth every penny!

~ Anonymous


Eenie, meenie, miney, moe, Is that the way you feel right now? while trying to make such an important decision. That is the feeling I had when I found myself checking this & various other sites looking for the right representation! That is until my current girlfriend RECOMMENDED HER EX-HUSBANDS attorney. She claimed that Steve left her counsel baffled and speechless. I had already sat down for a few free & paid consultations with other attorneys by this point. When I went in for the initial consultation with Steve, I was immediately impressed and felt comfortable and confident retaining him to represent me. It was a long battle, as she would have it no other way! ( little over 2 years ) Throughout the entire case Steve and his para legal ( Rebecca ) were always there to reassure and even comfort me in this trying time. I never once had to worry about calling or emailing them with any questions, concerns, or changes regarding my case. I knew that Steve wasn’t going to nickel and dime me for every little thing!

When we went to court Steve surpassed any expectations that I had or hoped for. They presented everything in such a manner that the courts could only RULE IN MY FAVOR! I would definitely recommend Mr. Marsee to any of my friends or family, that find themselves in the unfortunate position we call divorce. Knowing they would receive awesome representation at a fair price and actually get the attorney they hired. I SURE AM GLAD HE WAS ON MY SIDE!

~ Scott


Steve W. Marsee without doubt is an excellent, caring, professional, and talented attorney. My divorce has definitely been the most heartbreaking situation I have been through. My life and that of my children completely vulnerable. Mr. Marsee guided me, counseled me, and most importantly represented my interests and made sure I walked out with nothing less than what me and my children deserved. Mr. Marsee and his staff are available to answer questions and concerns 24/7 and they are very courteous, professional, and extremely good at following up and keeping you up to date on what’s needed or what the next step is. Mr. Marsee’s fees are also very reasonable compared to other attorneys and extremely reasonable given the kind of service/representation one gets in return. Yes! I highly recommend Mr. Marsee to anyone who needs Family Law services.

~ Anonymous

A trustworthy lawyer and legal team

I was referred to this firm by a friend. Mr. Marsee and his staff were quick to respond to my every need. Steve’s legal analysis and capabilities in the courtroom really paid off for me and my family. He is more than reasonably priced and in fact, my spouse’s attorney charged more than three times what Steve charged and lost on all points. If you need competent, appropriately aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation, then you will want to hire Steve Marsee.

~ Anonymous

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