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Special Considerations for a Stay-At-Home Parent Going Through a Divorce


Many children in Florida and throughout the United States are raised by a stay-at-home parent. While this practice is not as common as it used to be, it is far from rare. Indeed, according to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 28 percent of U.S. children are raised by a stay-at-home mother, while another 6 percent are raised by a stay-at-home father. Here, our Orlando divorce attorney discusses some special consideration that should be kept in mind for stay-at-home parents going through a divorce.

Carefully Consider Your Finances  

For all divorcing couples, very careful consideration must be given to their finances. Indeed, this is especially important for stay-at-home parents. To put it bluntly, a divorce can be financially disruptive; supporting one household on a single income can be challenging enough, and supporting two households is even more difficult. From a purely mathematical perspective, a divorced couple is likely to have significantly higher overall expenses. Two households means increased rent and mortgage payments, higher utilities and usually even increased day-to-day living expenses. A stay-at-home parent who goes through a divorce may need to consider seeking employment.

Alimony Awards Will Depend on Many Factors  

In Florida, alimony is an extremely complex issue. There are a number of different factors that will need to be considered on this issue of spousal support. Specifically, the court must determine:

  • If alimony should be awarded at all;
  • How long alimony payments should last for; and
  • How large alimony payment should be.

Stay-at-home parents are far more likely to receive alimony than are parents that both earn incomes. Though, the length of the marriage, the ability of the stay-at-home parent to obtain employment and the non stay-at-home spouse’s ability to pay will be all need to be assessed by the court in order to determine how much, if any, spousal support will be awarded. 

Custody Will Depend on What is Best for the Child 

The state of Florida makes all child custody and child time sharing decisions using the best interests of the child standard. A child’s needs and interests come before the desires of their parents. Does this mean that primary custody will be awarded to the stay-at-home parent? Not necessarily. Many different factors will need to be considered. Though, as one of the most important factors is each parent’s relationship with the child, a stay-at-home parent may have a leg up when it comes to getting primary custody. Still, getting custody can be challenging. Parents who are locked in a custody or time sharing dispute need to seek immediate assistance from a qualified attorney.

Do You Need Divorce Advice in Orlando, FL? 

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