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Orlando Relative Adoption Attorney

Just because two people conceive a child does not mean that they are fit parents. If the parents cannot properly care for the child, they may put it up for adoption. An adoption may also occur when the child is older and the parents have had the child taken away for abuse or neglect.

In Florida, a relative adoption is an adoption of a child by a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or sibling. Relative adoptions are also known as kinship adoptions. Most adoptions involve grandparents who often think they are only temporarily helping out, only to end up adopting their child’s children. In any case, grandparents can secure permanent custody through adoption.

Looking to adopt a minor family member? Orlando relative adoption attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law can show you how.

What to Know About Relative Adoption

If you are looking to adopt your grandchild or other family member in Florida, there are expedited procedures in place to make it easier. For the most part, though, the child’s current parents need to consent to the adoption, which can make the process challenging.

However, if abandonment is an issue, the court will overrule and ensure that the child’s best interests are kept in mind. Emotional or physical abandonment can result in termination of parental rights; however, this is not always to prove, as Florida law will try to protect a biological parent’s right to raise their child.

There are no age limits when it comes to adoption. Many grandparents in Florida adopt their own grandchildren. Aunts, uncles, and siblings can do so as well. As long as you can provide your minor family member with proper care and a stable home, you should consider adoption.

Also, keep in mind that many counties in Florida do not have adoption forms available except for stepparent adoptions. If you don’t have a lawyer, you will need to figure out the process on your own. That’s why having a family law attorney on your side can be valuable for your case. It will definitely make the process easier.

Steps Involved

To adopt a child who is related to you in the state of Florida, there are several steps involved:

  • File a Petition for Adoption.
  • The case is assigned to a judge.
  • Your attorney will schedule a court hearing.
  • The judge will sign a judgment of adoption, which will grant you full parental rights while terminating the rights of the biological parents.
  • After the court hearing, you can amend the child’s birth certificate to update the parents. Your lawyer can assist you with this process.

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Relative adoption is a simplified process that allows grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings to easily adopt a family member. However, the process is not necessarily easy, so make sure you have the right legal help on your side.

Orlando relative adoption attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law can guide you through the process from start to finish. We’ll assist you in adopting your family member with ease. To schedule a consultation, fill out the online form or call 407-521-7171.

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