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Orlando Parenting Plan Attorney

Divorce can be a challenging time for all involved, and children are no exception. Sometimes after a divorce, there are issues regarding custody, legal rights, and obligations.

That’s why Florida requires parenting plans for children when their parents divorce or separate (if unmarried). This document should be established and agreed to by the parents. If the parents cannot agree, then the court can establish and approve a plan.

In a parenting plan, the best interests of the child will be kept in mind. Make sure your plan meets the requirements. Get help from Orlando parenting plans attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law.

What Must Be Included

The plan must include various elements, such as:

  • Details about how the parents will share in the responsibilities involved in raising the child
  • Time-sharing schedule that outlines when the child will spend with each parent
  • Responsibility for obligation such as school, health care, and other activities
  • Communication methods the parents will use to keep in touch with the child as well as with each other

Types of Plans

There are four types of parenting plans. Choose the one that is right for you:

  • Basic plan. This plan is good if you and the other parent communicate well, agree on most aspects of time-sharing and other responsibilities, have no history of abuse, and live within 50 miles from each other.
  • Long-distance plan. This plan is ideal if you and the other parent meet the same requirements as the basic plan, but are planning to live more than 50 miles from each other.
  • Highly-structured plan. This plan is for high-conflict cases. It is best when the parents have no history of abuse, but you and the other parent tend to disagree and do not get along well. The plan sets out strict rules to help you and the other parent communicate better and come to agreements on time-sharing and other responsibilities.
  • Safety-focused plan. This plan is focused on safety for the child and parents when there are issues such as abuse, domestic violence, or other criminal activity involved. Time-sharing may or may not be supervised and no overnight visits are allowed. A safety-focused plan also requires a family safety plan, which may include restrictions on physical punishment, firearms, and parents’ substance use. There may also be details about who can have contact with the children.

Making Modifications

The court will only allow modifications if it involves the best interests of the children. They include the following:

  • The children’s safety is at risk.
  • The children would benefit from the change.
  • A parent’s circumstances have changed dramatically, leaving them unable to meet their obligations.

Many changes can be made outside of court, as long as both are in agreement. If they are not in agreement, their options include lawyers, a mediator, or a parenting coordinator.

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Florida requires parenting plans for minor children after a separation or divorce. Make sure your family is prepared.

Orlando parenting plan attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law can help you understand the requirements involved. Schedule a consultation with our office by calling 407-521-7171 or filling out the online form.

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