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Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

When it comes to divorce, you may think that men and women have it the same. While both sexes have it bad, women are the ones who tend to initiate divorce. Because of this, they tend to get what they want, especially when it comes to child custody and support.

Men face serious issues in a divorce. Their physical and mental health often suffers because they don’t get the support they need. On top of that, they may not see their children as much as they did when they were married, so this can be a devastating issue as well.

When a man is divorcing, they need someone who understands the issues they will face. Orlando men’s divorce attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law.

What Men Should Know

Men don’t have the emotional support that women have. That’s because of stereotypes that tell them that they cannot be vulnerable and show their feelings. So men keep their emotions bottled up inside, which affects them in many ways.

This can have detrimental effects, so men should not be afraid to ask for help. They should talk to friends and family members. Therapy can be helpful. Don’t be afraid to vent your feelings.

Don’t go cheap when it comes to getting a lawyer. You get what you pay for, so choose someone who is highly recommended. Expect to pay $200 to $300 an hour for a lawyer that gives great advice. Once you find the right lawyer, be open and honest with them. Don’t be afraid to communicate with them. They can’t get you the outcome you desire if you won’t speak up.

If you have children, make them your focus. It can be hard when you’re dealing with a lot of emotional issues yourself, but you need to focus on their best interests. Figure out how to handle custody and support issues without creating more drama for your children.

There are a lot of elements involved in the divorce process. While you don’t have to become an expert in law, you should at least educate yourself on what to expect and be familiar with many parts of the process. Learn about what you should and should not do. For example, you should never hide assets in a divorce. Lying about money or other assets can get in big trouble. You could even face fines or jail time.

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In a divorce, the focus tends to be on women. They are often the ones who get the child custody, child support, alimony, and all the emotional support.

Divorce is hard for everyone, though, and men need help too. Orlando men’s divorce attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law can give you the advice you need so you can move on after a divorce. Schedule a consultation with our office today. Fill out the online form or call 407-521-7171.

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