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Orlando Grandparent Adoptions Attorney

Unfortunately, parents are not always there for their children like they should be. Perhaps they are incarcerated or have passed away. Sometimes parents neglect or abuse their children. They may abandon them. In some cases, the parents are simply unfit and unable to provide children with their basic needs.

In any case, if a person is unable to parent their children, grandparents can take over. A grandparent can legally adopt their grandchild and give them the life they deserve. Many adults in Florida serve as both grandparent and primary caregiver.

Are you interested in adopting your grandchild? If so, contact Orlando grandparent adoption attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law for more information about the process.

What is the Process?

Interested in adopting your grandchild? There are five steps involved:

  1. File the petition. The petition is filed in the circuit court in the county where the attorney is located or where the grandchild lives.
  2. Get consent. It is much easier to adopt a grandchild when both parents consent to the adoption. However, Florida law still allows adoption even when the biological parent refuses to consent or contests it. However, it must be proven that the parent emotionally or financially abandoned the child or is otherwise an unfit parent.
  3. Include all required documents. These documents include the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), the birth certificate, and copies of any prior court orders regarding child support or custody.
  4. Schedule a hearing. Once a judge is assigned, you can schedule a hearing.
  5. Attend the hearing. The judge will review the case and make a decision about the adoption.

What to Know About Grandparent Adoption

A grandparent adoption may take as little as 1-2 months, depending on whether or not the biological parents consent. A lot of the time is spent waiting to schedule a hearing. Note that the parent’s rights do not need to be terminated ahead of time. The termination of parental rights plus the adoption can be done at the same time.

A home study is generally required for most adoptions. A home study is a screening of a prospective adoptive parent’s home prior to adoption. It allows an adoption agency to determine whether the prospective adoptive parent would be suitable. However, a home study is not needed in Florida when a grandparent or any other relative wants to adopt.

Keep in mind that adoption forms are not readily available for those without adoption attorneys.

You’ll be on your own if you don’t have a lawyer on your side, so having one is highly recommended.

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Many Florida grandparents adopt their grandchildren. If they have been neglected, abused, or abandoned by their parents, then a grandparent adoption may be a possibility.

Make sure you understand the rules and processes involved. Orlando grandparent adoption attorney Steve W. Marsee, P.A. Attorney at Law can help. Schedule a consultation with our office today. Fill out the online form or call 407-521-7171.

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