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Can Rehabilitative Alimony Pay for a College Degree in Florida?


Rehabilitative alimony in Florida is a temporary form of spousal support that will become increasingly common as the state phases out long-term and permanent alimony. As the name suggests, this type of alimony is intended to rehabilitate the dependent spouse – guiding them toward a sense of financial security and independence. But can rehabilitative alimony cover the cost of a college degree?

You Must Develop a Specific Plan When Pursuing Rehabilitative Alimony 

Rehabilitative alimony is awarded based on the specific needs of the receiving spouse. If you plan to pursue this type of alimony, you need to create a very detailed plan that shows how you are going to become financially independent. This might include job training , re-certification, or continued education. Generally speaking, this plan should involve the acquisition of new skills and knowledge that is specifically geared towards financial success.

For example, you might create a plan that involves becoming certified as a dental assistant (one of the most in-demand jobs in Florida today). According to one source, a dental assistant training program costs about $25,000 and takes up to 15 months to complete. If you were to create such a plan, rehabilitative alimony may cover the cost of this training.

The Problem with College Degrees 

The problem with college degrees today is that they may not lead directly to financial success in the same way as a certification program, a trades diploma, or something similar. There are many college degrees that are interesting but not necessarily career-focused. Examples include philosophy, history, and Latin. As you pursue rehabilitative alimony, you will need to describe a plan that leads directly to financial independence. It may be difficult to show how a philosophy degree will achieve this.

You also need to consider that a college degree may be much more expensive and time-consuming than a certification program or a trades diploma. Ask yourself whether your spouse is even capable of bearing this cost based on their current income. A judge can only order alimony payments that are actually possible. If you choose a certification program that is relatively quick and affordable, there is a higher chance of receiving rehabilitative alimony.

On the other hand, you may only be a few credits short of obtaining your degree. Perhaps you paused your college education because of family commitments and never returned. In this case, the cost of finishing your degree may be minimal – and your rehabilitative alimony could cover it.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Divorce Attorney in Florida? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced divorce attorney in Orlando, look no further than Steve Marsee, P.A. Over the years, we have helped numerous spouses dealing with issues related to alimony in Florida. We know that this process can be complex and daunting, and we’re ready to guide you toward a positive solution. With our help, you can pursue a sense of financial independence and security as you embark on your post-divorce life. Book your consultation today to get started.





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