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Monthly Archives: December 2021


Why Is A Guardian Ad Litem Assigned To An Orlando Custody Case?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Some divorcing couples reach a stalemate regarding custody of their children. In other cases, the other spouse or court may suspect child abuse and is rightfully concerned about the child’s welfare. In addition, if the court suspects that parental alienation is in play or that the parents cannot separate their own turmoil and marriage… Read More »

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Do You Have To Sell The Family Home In An Orlando Divorce?

By Steve W. Marsee |

 Selling a home is such a hassle, but often means a family is moving on to bigger and better opportunities. The same cannot be said for a house sale due to a divorce, as usually one or both parties must move out and downsize. But is it always necessary for divorcing parties to sell… Read More »

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Who Is Stuck With Student Loan Debt After Divorce In Orlando?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Divorce is not easy, but it can be especially painful when the parties negotiate who is responsible for what debt, and why. Student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and federal loans can only be refinanced once. When both parties take on debt during the marriage, it can be difficult to decipher who… Read More »

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