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Monthly Archives: September 2021


Do You Have To Pay Child Support If The Other Parent Was Awarded Sole Custody?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Under Florida law, parents have an obligation to financially support their kids. When parents get divorced, they may be reluctant to support their children voluntarily. That is why Florida courts award child support when a divorce happens to make sure that parents pay child support. But do you have to pay child support to… Read More »

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Can You Get A Divorce If Your Spouse Is Disabled?

By Steve W. Marsee |

When your spouse is unable to care for himself/herself, walk, and perform other basic daily tasks, you may wonder, “Can I get a divorce if my spouse is disabled?” The short answer is: While it is possible to get a divorce when your spouse is disabled, divorcing a spouse with a disability can be… Read More »

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How To Manage Your Finances After A Divorce?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Getting a divorce can be both freeing and devastating at the same time, especially if you have been married for five or more years. You need to understand that once your divorce is finalized, you will be on your own. You will no longer rely on your soon-to-be-former spouse’s income and split the bills… Read More »

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