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Monthly Archives: January 2020


Florida Ranked Low Among the Best States to Raise Children

By Steve W. Marsee |

Even though Florida’s year-round warm weather offers a roughly endless list of kid-friendly activities, the Sunshine State is not the best state to raise a family. This was the finding of a new study by WalletHub, a popular personal finance website. According to Patch, Florida ranked low among the best states to raise children…. Read More »

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Can Your Retirement Funds Be Used to Satisfy Child Support or Alimony Obligations?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Many Floridians mistakenly believe that no one can touch their retirement funds to satisfy child support or alimony obligations. However, that is not entirely true. Not all retirements funds are “untouchable” if you have unpaid spousal or child support amounts. It is a common misconception that creditors and your former spouse cannot touch the… Read More »

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Are You Eligible for Durational Alimony in Florida?

By Steve W. Marsee |

Durational alimony is a relatively new concept in Florida’s family law, which is why many divorced and separated couples underestimate its importance. A Florida court has the authority to grant spousal support to the lower-earning spouses in the form of: bridge-the-gap; rehabilitative; lump sum; permanent periodic; and durational alimony. If you are wondering whether… Read More »

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