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Special Considerations for Senior Citizens Seeking a Divorce

By Steve Marsee |

There is no ‘normal’ time to get divorced in Orlando. Every couple’s circumstances are unique, with some marriages lasting a single year, and other lasting multiple decades. If you are a senior citizen thinking about divorce, you are certainly not alone. Here, our Central Florida family law team has put together a list of… Read More »


Postnuptial Agreements in Florida

By Steve Marsee |

Many people are familiar with prenuptial agreements, yet far fewer are aware that you can also sign a postnuptial agreement. As the name implies, this type of agreement is created after a marriage; though, despite that fact, it has much the same legal effect as does a prenuptial agreement. Postnuptial agreements can be very… Read More »


Temporary Custody for Extended Family Members

By Steve Marsee |

There come times, either voluntarily or involuntarily, when an extended family member may need to take temporary custody of a child. In Florida, the process for how exactly this works is governed by Chapter 751 of the Florida Statutes. Here, our Orlando child custody attorneys answer some frequently asked questions regarding family member temporary… Read More »


What You Need to Know About Health Insurance & Child Support

By Steve Marsee |

The state of Florida has established standardized child support guidelines. These guidelines are used as a basis for calculating child support obligations in any disputes, and they address all major child support issues, including health insurance. Here, our Orlando child support attorneys discuss how health insurance and related issues might impact one’s child support… Read More »


Could Medical or Psychological Records Be Admitted in a Florida Timesharing Case?

By Steve Marsee |

Under American law, most prominently HIPAA’s privacy rule, a person’s health information is entitled to certain legal protections. Indeed, your medical and psychological health are presumed to be confidential. At the same time, Florida resolves all child custody issues under its ‘best interests of the child’ standard. What is best for a child’s safety… Read More »


Florida Divorce: Required Financial Disclosures

By Steve Marsee |

Finances are a major issue in many different types of Florida family law cases. From property distribution battles to child support calculations, a fair ruling requires knowing the true financial means of each party. Of course, as reasonable and straightforward as this sounds, the reality can be far more complicated. Determining the actual financial… Read More »


Your Guide to Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida

By Steve Marsee |

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is a contentious issue in many Florida divorce cases. If you are going through a divorce, you or your spouse may be entitled to an alimony award. As a result of the 1979 Supreme Court case of Orr v. Orr, alimony is gender neutral. By law, either… Read More »


What You Need to Know About Social Media and Florida Divorce

By Steve Marsee |

For many people, social media has become an increasingly important part of their life. Most Americans are now on at least one social media network. According to data provided by the Pew Research Center, nearly 70 percent of people actively use social media. While using social media is often a causal experience, your posts… Read More »


Florida Divorce and Business Ownership: Marital Labor

By Steve Marsee |

On March 22nd, 2017, the Florida Second District Court of Appeal released a decision in the case of Bair v. Bair. This complex divorce case involved a business owner who held nonmarital interests in a company, but who also worked full time at the company throughout the length of the marriage. As such, the… Read More »


How are Student Loans Divided in a Florida Divorce

By Steve Marsee |

The cost of education has been rising in Florida and around the country. Collectively, Americans currently hold more than $1 trillion of student loan debt. In the modern world, many people carry their student loan debt for decades. Further, more than ever, older Americans are going back to school and incurring additional student loan… Read More »

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